Introducing Monday Chic

Hi, my name is Erin An. I’m the founder of Monday Chic and also an investment banker by profession. I’m a mom of two boys, aged 4 and 6, and a wife of a Scotsman.

Monday Chic is a fashion e-commerce that was founded to help women to empower themselves by dressing up professionally, appropriately, yet fashionably. We have launched our platform in Sept 2019 with Aneri top and BM trousers which could be worn as a daily essential of your business wardrobe.

As I’ve been working in big corporates and finance in hong kong for 13 years, I was very lucky to meet a lot of very talented and successful and professional women including working moms who have multiple roles and responsibilities between the career and families. Monday Chic is a fashion e-commerce; however, we have a vision to create a platform where we connect all these professional women to inspire and empower each other and create synergies. So in the near future, you will see us to create more content around it and we hope you like it.